The Winning you, by Sanket Pai : A BOOK REVIEW


A close friend and author Sanket Pai, has written this marvellous book, The Winning you. Here is a quick look into him and his book.

Sanket Pai, a humble person, wise beyond his age, a loving father, husband and a helpful friend is also, a certified Leap Ahead Coach, a certified Human Potential Coach, a certified NLP Coach Practitioner and an Author. He typically works with middle-aged introverted people to help them weed out their limiting self-beliefs, fears and live out their purpose and the lifestyle they desire.

As for his book – its all about how long can you focus on an activity without getting distracted? With so many notifications and push messages, vying for our attention, on our various electronics, we are tempted to look at our shiny screens and we never put it down. So all of us need this book today, because I for one, use a lot of social media to promote my work and end up being distracted by it too 🙂 The book teaches us all about focus – the numero uno skill that is needed in today’s hyperactive lifestyles,the book itself is a short read (about 96 pages cover to cover).

The blurb mentions a very good point – “As a professional, a business person, a student or a stay-at-home parent, you always have a lot on your plate. Staying focused can be quite a challenge with all the distractions around. How can you survive this deluge of distractions and accomplish what you set out to do in your day?”

In today’s world we need that top secret recipe, to not get distracted and thats what this book does, systematically first reveals the problem, that is us, and then the solution, that is also us, we need to make a change and the book helps with that. The book itself is not a one-time read, it’s something that you would to read and reread to get all that you would need out of it, and it also teaches you to hold yourself accountable for your own success and teaches you to be goal driven.

If you are interested in reading this book, its available on various channels, click here

The link if you are interested in a free session with him you want to contact Sanket Pai – click here and do follow his other social media links provided on the same website.

He is now written and on his way to promote and publish his second book – Make it Happen, review to follow soon. This book is available as a free download on his website.

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